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How to Measure Bra Size

Wearing either a tight bra or a loose bra can bring some unexpected results to you later on. According to study, around 75% women are wearing wrong bra size, which leads to health problem, especially, breast health.

Wearing wrong bra size not only gives you no aesthetic look (breast sagging if you wear loose bra) but also causes many health problems (if you wear tight bra): neck fatigue, shoulders fatigue, back pain, pinched nerve, heartburn, rash, worse irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It is recommended that women should wear sports bra when they are playing sports. This will help prevent their breasts from sagging. Finding the right bra size is what women should do if they want to have sexy, and attractive breast shape.

Below are some basic steps that you should check in order to buy suitable bras for yourself. You will be also surprised about the results when the right bra size can help you have great appearance, postures, and confidence with your ideal breast size.

How to measure band size

  • Use tape measure to calculate your band size by measuring around your chest right under your arms. (Make sure you wrap your breasts and back, and make the measure fit well).
  • Don’t forget to stand up straight while you measuring around your chest.
  • Next, round the measure to the nearest inch.

How to measure bust size

  • Measure around your breast at the fullest part and around your back to get the measurement of your bust size.
  • Next, round our measure to the nearest inch.
  • Then use the formula: breast measurement – band measurement = your cup size (please check the following table below for more information about cup size)

How to find the right sport bra size

There are two types of sport bras for you to select from:

  1. Compression bra: This is fit for women who have small to medium breasts.
  2. Encapsulation bra: This is fit for women who have large breasts and need fixed support.

The golden rules of buying bras

bra measure

According to study, you should check your breast size periodically and change your bra size if necessary. The fact is that a woman can change bra size up to 6 different bra sizes in her lifetime because of pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss.

  • When testing bras, you should wear them for at least 5 minutes to have right evaluation.
  • Lifting your arms, stooping, and jumping to see if your breasts and bra fit well. Check the flexibility, and elasticity, and choose suitable material of denim.
  • If the bands don’t fit well, please check again and replace the fit ones if necessary.
  • This will help reduce the pressure on your shoulders and neck. Do not buy bras that are too tight or too loose.
  • Spend time checking information about standard and habit postures.
  • This will help you choose and find the right bra size.
  • If possible, go and see the cosmetic doctor to get advice about how to determine your breasts size, postures, and bra sizes.

Actually, there are many ways to measure your bra size successfully and easily. It depends on your current breast sizes. Learning how to get bigger boobs is necessary to help you have ideal breast size.

Consequences of Wearing Wrong Bra Size

You should avoid wearing wrong bra size if you want to have healthy breasts and avoid common diseases.

Choosing and wearing wrong bra size can impact on your health and breasts negatively. In other words, you unintentionally increase the risk of breast cancer and other dangerous diseases  if you wear wrong bra size. To possess healthy, sexy, attractive, and great breasts, you should choose and wear suitable bra size.

Below are some reasons why you should wear right bra size.

Chest Pain

You can suppress the development of breast tissues if you wear bras that are too small or tight. In addition, your back and breast skin can be hurt with marks. You can also feel uncomfortable with small bra size because it is too tight. The blood flow in your breasts can be impacted negatively because of small and tight bras.

Worse, you can unintentionally reduce the activity of blood circulation around breast area. It gives no support to your breasts if you wear bras that are too big or loose. In this case, you will also encounter chest pain and breast sagging when you have strong activities.

Breast Cancer

According to study, the number of hours per day that women wear bras, will decide the breast cancer rates. Women who often wore bras per day had a breast cancer rate 125 times higher than other women who had few hours of bra wear per day.

Especially, women who often wore bras that are too tight or small had high rate of breast cancer. Simply, the flow of blood and the circulation of lymphatic system in breast tissues is suppressed. The lymphatic system has tiny and soft capillaries carrying fluids of nutrition to nourish breast.

Once the lymphatic system of breast cells is suppressed, the fluids will be congested and blocked. If accumulation reaches high level, it can cause chest pain which leads to breast cancer. It is better that you should not wear bras when you are sleeping or avoid strong activities when you are at home.

Chest Deformity

The shape of your breasts will be deformed if you wear bras that are too tight or small for long time. You will also face with the breast sagging if you wear bras that are too loose or large when having daily strong activities. It is recommended that you should find the right bra size if you want to have sexy, nice, firm, and healthy breasts.

When you play sports or exercise, you need to wear sports bra to avoid sagging.


Because breast skin is very  sensitive, you should avoid wearing bras that are too tight or small. Wearing bras that are too tight can cause breast skin to soak in sweat; and this is not good at all for breast health. The moisture environment will be a good condition for the rapid development of fungi and bacteria which can cause inflammation in breast skin.


You will unintentionally create high pressure on your neck and shoulders when wearing bras that are too right. Therefore, you can face with the fatigue in neck and shoulders.

Worse, you can also have a headache and dizziness because tight and small bras can impact negatively on the blood circulation to the brain. In other words, wearing bras that are too tight can suppress or reduce blood flow to the brain.

You should consider wearing suitable bra size if you want to get bigger boobs naturally .Choosing and finding the right bra size is the best way to help you have sexy and healthy breasts. Check how to measure bra size to see which size of bra is right for your breasts.

Must-Know Secrets For Beautiful and Healthy Breasts

By learning must-know secrets for beautiful and healthy breasts, every woman can protect themselves from common diseases, especially, breast cancer (one of the most common cancers found in women).

Although breast cancer is not easy to be recognized, diagnosed, and controlled, women can prevent themselves from this dangerous cancer. By applying and practicing the following must-know secrets daily, you can possess beautiful, sexy, attractive, and healthy breasts.

Wearing right, and suitable bra size

Your bra size should not be too large or small. It is not good for your breast health, especially, bloodstream of your breasts, if your bra size is too tight or too loose. Wearing bras that are too small can impact negatively on blood circulation in breast tissues.

In addition, it will make you feel uncomfortable; and your breasts will be held back. Wearing bras that are too big or large gives no support.

Wearing wrong bra size is not recommended because it can impact on your health breast and cause breast cancer. It is recommended that wearing right bra size does not only help support and lift your breasts effectively, but it also gives no interruption on the activity of lymph nodes in chest.

Breast Massage

According to traditional medical concept, massaging your breasts daily can help improve breast health, stimulate the development of breast tissues, enhance blood flow of breast areas, and prevent your breast from cancer.

Check your breasts regularly

Let’s start to get familiar with your chest and breasts (including the shape, size, appearance, feelings…) by looking at and touching them. By doing so, you can recognize any abnormal changes in your chest and breasts (e.g: pains, swells,…)

It can protect yourself from any dangerous cancers or diseases in your chest and breasts if you check your breasts and chest periodically (probably monthly) at the same time and with the same way; and you should not skip anything unusual happening to your breasts.

Regular mammogram given by doctor

You should go to see doctors for regular mammograms if you want to have healthy breasts and avoid breast cancer (make sure it is suitable to your ages). This can help you recognize any abnormal tumors in your breasts early to get right treatments before it is too late.

Stay away from Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens, a type of xenohormone that imitates the functions of estrogen, can be either synthetic or natural chemical compounds. Try to eat Organic Foods to avoid pesticides, Xenoestrogens, and other chemicals… Xenoestrogens are related to different problems, from cancer to infertility.


According to the research, breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer or lower breast cancer risk. In other words, a woman who breastfeeds for longer than 1 year can reduce her chances of developing breast cancer. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended that extending or prolonging breastfeeding (at least 1 year or longer) is good for your health and baby.

Stress Reduction

Stress is the main reason or culprit that causes changes of hormones in body. Once there are changes of hormones in your body, you can encounter lots of troubles (one of them is breast cancer).

Healthy lifestyle

You should maintain healthy and nutritious diet (including whole grains, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits) and refrain yourself from eating sugary, salty, and saturated foods. With good and suitable diet, you can improve your breast health and have healthy life.

Besides, you should do exercises daily if you want to strengthen and boost your immune system to higher level to fight against diseases and keep body weight within suitable level. Drinking suitable amount of wine is also considered as the good way to improve your health. In addition, quitting smoking is the best way to improve health completely.

Learning how to get bigger boobs naturally at home is necessary if you want to have healthy, and sexy breasts. It is recommended that you should follow advice mentioned and suggested above.


Healthy Foods That Make Your Breasts Bigger

What will you do if you don’t have ideal size in your breasts? Not all women have big breasts. Just a few lucky women have desirable size while the other women have small size. So the question here is how to increase the size of breasts naturally and fast at home.

Actually, there are many ways to improve or increase the size. They can be going with surgery treatments, having suitable diets, practicing positive habits, and doing daily exercises…

If you notice that most of thin women often have small breasts. Women who usually have big breasts are a little bit fat or have good shape of body. If you want to enhance your breasts’ size naturally and fast, you should eat suitable diets in order to put on weight.

However, what kind of foods should you eat, how regime should you follow…lots of things that you should learn in order to have ideal size in breasts fast and naturally. It is recommended that you should combine with daily exercises in order to get best results.

Below are some useful and effective methods about eating right nutritious foods –

Combination of Honey and Eggs


Here is the useful formula for combination of honey and egg: mix an egg yolk with a spoon of honey, and condensed milk, and then steam the mixture. It is recommended that women should have these foods in their daily meal. This is also suitable for people who want to improve weight if they are thin.

The mixture provides necessary substances such as protein, and lipid that are good for the development of cells in breasts.

NOTE: If you don’t want to gain on weight or accumulate lipid in your belly when eating the mixture, you should eat this at your breakfast or lunch, but not dinner.

Eating Avocado


Eating avocado is good for you to improve your breasts’ size fast and effectively. According to nutritious experts, Avocado rich in lipid which is not saturated can improve the elasticity of tissues and cells in breasts. In addition, avocado also contains Vitamin A, C, and E.

  • Vitamin A can stimulate the production of female hormones
  • Vitamin C can help prevent breasts from the deformation
  • Vitamin E help increase the size in breasts

You will see the positive results within one month when combining Avocado, Honey, Almond, or Walnuts.

Eating Orange


Orange which contains Vitamin C helps you protect your breasts from sagging, prevent your breasts from degeneration of cells in breasts, and avoid the deformation in breasts effectively.

Recommendation: To get the best results, you should eat orange before and after your meals, and before going to bed at least 30 minutes.

Eating Papaw/Papaya


Women who are pregnant or lactating (are in the period of breastfeeding) have big breasts with maximum size. It is because their mammary glands develop rapidly in order to produce milk.  It is recommended that Papaya with lamb ribs and red beans soup is good for natural breast enhancement.

Eating this soup helps stimulate the strong development of fatty tissues and mammary glands of breasts. As the result, they can enhance the size of breasts significantly.

Eating steamed beef leg


Have you ever heard about steamed beef leg before? This recipe can be very good for women, or young girls who want to increase breast size naturally and fast. Steaming beef leg with porridge, red beans, green beans, lotus seeds, beans…can give you a good formula of soup which can help increase size of breasts rapidly and naturally.

This recipe helps women supplement necessary substances for breast enhancement like important vitamins, lipid, and protein. Eating this type of soup helps women or your girls achieve the desirable size in breasts. Young girls who are at the age of puberty should eat this kind of food if they have small breasts.

To get the best results, women or young girls should eat this food daily.

Eating ripe grapes


Ripe grapes contain lots of necessary vitamins which are good to help prevent the sagging of breasts. It is good to drink the mixture of ripe grapes and tomatoes juice. Drinking this juice can help improve the size gradually.

Using milk and dairy products

dairy products

Using milk and dairy products can help stimulate the development of breasts size. These help women gain weight slowly. Therefore, they can increase the size of breasts.

Steamed chicken

Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice steamed

Like steamed beef leg, steamed chicken can help increase the size of breasts rapidly. This food also helps people recover health effectively. This food is considered as one of the best recipes on breast enhancement.

Eating Fish


Fish is rich in omega-3 fatt acids, and vitamin D. Both are necessary for health and development of your breasts. Therefore, you should supplement fish for your body by eating fish every day.

Protein Supplements for Your Body


If you want to possess healthy, sexy, and big breasts, you should choose and eat foods that contain protein from vegetables. One of the best foods is soybean.

Eating Vegetables


You should eat more vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet cabbage …because these vegetables are rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin, and Fibers. Vitamin E, C, and A belong to group of efficacious antioxidant vitamins that help evacuate harmful and toxic substances.

Antioxidants and Fibers also play an important role in protecting your body from different types of cancers including breast cancer – common cancer in women.

The green leafy vegetables also contain lots of indoles and sulforaphane – phytochemicals (chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants) that have ability to fight against or beat the toxins and carcinogens in body. In cooking, you should boil these vegetables if you want to avoid the loss of nutrition.

By eating these healthy foods, you can possess sexy, attractive, big, and healthy breasts naturally. Learn how to get bigger boobs naturally fast at home now. Besides, you should also do exercises regularly if you want to have ideal breast size with great shape.


Unhealthy Foods That Can Make Your Breasts Smaller

Natural beauty is always cherished, respected, and conserved. Some lucky women are born to have big, sexy, and attractive breasts because of hereditary genes while other women have to do daily exercises and eat healthy food to have ideal breasts in big size.

Foods that you eat every day can impact on your breast size. Some healthy food can help improve and increase your breast size naturally while junk food can decrease your breast size negatively.

Therefore, you should distinguish healthy food from junk food.

Salt and Fast Food

unhealthy food

Salt can increase the level of fluid retention (liquids) in women’s body, causes annoying and uncomfortable feelings.

The high level of lipid, cholesterol, and fat in fast food is not good for your breast size because this impacts on the production of estrogen level negatively.

You may face with the decrease in breast size if you eat fast food regularly.



Coffee is one of the worst “causes” leading decrease in your breast size seriously. According to study, women can face with the decrease in breast size if they use over 100g caffeine every day. High level of caffeine in coffee causes negative impact on adipose tissues in body.

Caffeine in coffee can reduce the amount of adipose tissues significantly while adipose tissues are the main composition of breast tissues. Besides, drinking coffee can suppress the development of breast tissues.

In addition, abusing coffee too much can impact your health negatively.

Coffee does not only cause sleeplessness, cause memory loss, and lose concentration, but it also impacts on your health negatively due to the reduction of body resistance.

Chilli and Spicy Seasonings


Capsaicin, found in spicy seasonings such as onion, ginger, pepper,…, and specially in chilli with high level, is not good for the development of breasts. According to study, Capsaicin has the ability to release high volume of heat and spread out with wide scope.

As a result, Capsaicin can burn calorie, and other substances like fat acid in body.

Under the negative impact of Capsaicin, your breasts can become smaller in size if you abuse the use of chilli and spicy seasonings. In addition, eating too much chilli and spicy seasonings can impact on your stomach negatively; worse, it can cause some serious damages such as inflammation, ulcer, and bleeding in stomach.

Alcoholic Beverages


You should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you don’t want to face with breast reduction in size. The main element in wine (or liquor) and beer is alcohol. When you drink these alcoholic beverages too much, your body can lose a large amount of water quickly.

Worse, it can cause the loss of fat acid,  and lipid in breasts. This is one of the most common reasons why your breasts become smaller. In addition, abusing the use of alcohol, and beer too much can damage your health and thinking.

Carbonated Drinks


Like the alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks are not good for your health and breasts if you drink them too much. Worse, it can cause breasts cancer if you abuse the use of these carbonated drinks (including alcoholic beverages).

In addition, unnatural (artificial) elements in these beverages are not good for the development of breasts tissues. Therefore, you should avoid them.

Green Tea


It is obvious that green tea has less caffeine than coffee does. However, when you drink green tea too much, you can encounter the accumulation of high caffeine level in your body. This leads to sleeplessness and loss of water in body.

Drinking suitable amount of green tea is good for your health, but it will be counterproductive if you abuse the use of green tea too much.

Negative impact of drinking a large amount of green tea is the reduction of fat acid, and water in your body, especially, in your breasts.

The loss of water in your breast tissues leads to breast wrinkles and sagging.

Besides, you should notice the following things if you want to possess big and sexy breasts – 

Stop smoking: Smoking is the main culprit that causes breast wrinkles and sagging. Many harmful substances in cigarettes can also damage your health and health of your breast tissues literally.

Stop staying up late: Staying up late is not good for your health and the development of breast tissue. In addition, staying up late can also cause many latent diseases that are unexpected.

Solution: Try to sleep early; recommendation: it is better to go to bed and sleep before 10:30 PM- 11:00 PM.

Drink more water: In fact, the human body is composed mainly of water (80%) and other liquids (20%). You can easily encounter many unexpected diseases if you drink less water or your body lacks water.

Water helps stimulate the metabolism in body, especially, in your breast tissues.

The first part of your body which will be impacted negatively is your breasts (especially, breast tissues) if your body lacks water.

It is obvious that your breasts contain lots of tissues and liquid that help you have sexy and big size in breasts. It will be a big mistake if you think you can supplement water for your body by drinking alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks.

Drinking these beverages does not only give solution to your problem, but it also can damage health of your breasts or even cause breast cancer.

Eat more fat: Eating less fat can cause your breasts to become smaller. Because fat acid is the main element in your breast tissues, you should supplement fat acid for your body. Therefore, refraining from eating fat causes the reduction in breast size.

In addition, supplementing fat from vegetable sources such as soybean oil, olive oil and grains for your body is necessary to help you have healthy breasts.

Eat more meat: Collagen fiber is one of the most important elements that maintains the shape and size of breasts. In addition, collagen fibers, found in fresh meat, play an important role in slowing the process of aging and reducing the damage of skin cells.

To maximize the efficiency of collagen fibers, you should also supplement vitamins from vegetables for your body.

If you want to possess ideal shape of breast size, you should know which healthy food you should eat and which junk food you should avoid. Learning how to get bigger boobs naturally fast at home is necessary to help you achieve your desires!